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What is the Liver Life Challenge?
LLC 2012 Homepage What Is Box GraphicThis endurance training team offers a ticket to some of the most desirable sporting events in America and leads participants across the finish line with expert coaching, training and tools for success. Participants achieve their own fitness goals, while raising funds to LLC 2012 Learn More Button Main Page Finalcreate a better future for 30 million Americans with liver disease.
National LIVEr Champion
Liver Champion - Matthew Image FinalMatthew has a genetic liver disorder called alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency. There is currently no cure for this disorder other than a transplant. Luckily, Matthew just needs to be monitored at this time. He has recently started running on behalf of the American Liver Foundation. Matthew and his family members are superstar ALF supporters and fundraisers. They have participated in a Liver Life Walk every year since 2009. Matthew's mother, Amy, has run three marathons for ALF. Whatever your reason is for running with ALF, please remember that the little boy pictured is counting on there being a cure one day, and without you that will not be possible.
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