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I'm a Survivor.

Liver Life Walk 2012
Liver Life Walk 2012

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I'm on a personal mission to help the American Liver Foundation in the fight against liver disease, and I need your help.

By making a donation you'll take me one step closer to my goal and take all of us another stride closer to a world free of liver disease!

Your generous gift will help the American Liver Foundation provide research, education, and advocacy to assist the 30 million people affected by liver disease in the United States.

Donating is easy!  Just click the grey "Support Bonnie" button to get started.  If you want to join my team and walk with me and my family at this year's Liver Life Walk, click "Join Bonnie's Team." We would love to see you there! 


My Personal Story


I had my gallblader removed when I was eight weeks old.  At the age of eighteen, I began experiencing signs of health problems.  After almost a year's worth of testing, I was diagnosed with cirrhosis when I was nineteen.  The cirrhosis was caused by a birth defect in my bile ducts that was supposedly fixed during my surgery as a baby.  Sometime between then and nineteen, the bile ducts shut down and caused a back-up of bile and other toxins into my liver and spleen.  I had a choledochojejunostomy in May 2008.  My surgeon used a portion of my lower bowel as a makeshift bile duct in order to reroute the bile into the correct areas without potential for any more problems.

However, it is a struggle every day.  My diet restrictions (Chinese food, Japanese food, Mexican food, fried foods, fatty foods, and fish are forbidden), being 24 and unable to drink alcohol, avoiding cigarette smoke as much as possible, researching every medicine that is prescribed (ibuprofen and medicines that contain alcohol are prohibited), and basically watching every single thing that goes into my body, that I do, or that is around me leads to a stressful, overly aware lifestyle that people my age shouldn't have to endure.  

I have been happy and healthy since May 2008.  It has been over five years, and I thank God every day for my continuing good health.  With the help of my wonderful parents, supportive family, and amazing husband, I finally feel like a "normal" twenty-four year old girl.  Well, as normal as a twenty-four year old girl with liver disease can feel.



Date: Saturday, July 13, 2013

Time: Registration is at 9 a.m.  The walk begins at 10 a.m.

Location: Cricket Field in Forest Park 


Thank you for supporting the Liver Life Walk St. Louis on July 13, 2013!

The Liver Life Walk is a celebration of my commitment to a world free of liver disease. Please help me make that goal a reality! I support the American Liver Foundation® because it:

  • Advocates on behalf of 30 million Americans with liver disease on the federal, state, and local levels.
  • Provides education programs, support services, and outreach activities that reach more than 200,000 individuals annually and raise awareness on liver disease prevention and management.
  • Is the largest non-governmental supporter of liver disease research in the U.S. and since 1979, the American Liver Foundation Research Awards Program has provided more than $24 million to more than 750 qualified scientists and physicians.
Please send offline, non-cash donations to our office at:
American Liver Foundation® | 39 Broadway | Suite 2700 | New York | NY | 10006
*Please be sure to include the Walk Participant's name with your check.
All registration fees and donations for this event are nonrefundable.

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