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Welcome to My Liver Life Walk Page!

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Liver disease is one of those things most people never think about - unless they have to. But for those of us who are affected by it, it seems to touch every aspect of your life. It dictates your schedule with pills, doctor visits, unplanned hospitalizations. It wrenches your heart with the fear of liver failure and the hope for the gift of life. And, unfortunately, for too many the gift of life does not come-leaving a devastating hole in the lives of those left behind.

I am walking for Aric, my best friend and partner of sixteen years. At age 9 he was diagnosed with Crohn's disease. At age 25 we found out that his Crohn's had caused Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis, a degenerative liver disease that would eventually require transplant-a transplant Aric would never receive. On October 31, 2012, liver disease took my partner, best friend and soulmate. He was only 34.

Life with liver disease was often overwhelming. Compounded by Crohn's and bipolar disorder, Aric's situation was even more difficult. Yet Aric persevered with an inner strength that was amazing. Despite constantly feeling sick, lack of energy, creaky joints, multiple surgeries and countless days and holidays lost to hospitalizations, Aric kept a positive outlook, a love of art and music, a wicked sense of humor and an indominatable spirit. He always loved being with friends and family; he was, and continues to be, a constant source of love and inspiration. 

In honor of that love and inspiration, I am walking for Aric who is the light of my life. Last year the Dirty Rotten Livers was the top fund raisering team in his honor. This year, I walk again with Aric as my guardian angel watching over me, continuing to participate in an event that was so meaningful to him, and to all of us who love him.

I am walking to spread the word that organ donation is critical and is the only way to save the lives of wonderful people like Aric. Please, if you aren't already, consider signing up to be an organ donor - and encourage others to do so as well. So many lives depend on it, and I can't think of a more loving final act than to give another the gift of life.

And, of course, I am walking to make a difference in the lives of the 30 million Americans living with liver disease. By making a donation on my behalf, you will be helping the Foundation provide community-based education and prevention programs, protect the rights of people with liver disease and fund critical research for a cure.

By making a donation you'll take me one step closer to my goal and take all of us another stride closer to a world free of liver disease!

Donating is easy! Just click the "Support Jeannine!" Link under my profile picture at the right, to get started.

Walk with us! You can also click the "Join Jeannine's Team!" link if you'd like to walk with the Dirty Rotten Livers!

Thank you for supporting the Liver Life Walk Chicago on June 14, 2014!

The Liver Life Walk is a celebration of my commitment to a world free of liver disease. Please help me make that goal a reality! I support the American Liver Foundation® because it:

  • Advocates on behalf of 30 million Americans with liver disease on the federal, state, and local levels.
  • Provides education programs, support services, and outreach activities that reach more than 200,000 individuals annually and raise awareness on liver disease prevention and management.
  • Is the largest non-governmental supporter of liver disease research in the U.S. and since 1979, the American Liver Foundation Research Awards Program has provided more than $24 million to more than 750 qualified scientists and physicians.
Please send offline, non-cash donations to our office at:
American Liver Foundation® | 39 Broadway | Suite 2700 | New York | NY | 10006
*Please be sure to include the Walk Participant's name with your check.
All registration fees and donations for this event are nonrefundable.

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