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Liver Life Walk Phoenix 2014

Banner Good Sam Transplant and Advanced Liver Disease

Welcome to our Liver Life Walk Team Page!

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In 2007, Miguel Placencio was diagnosed with stage 4 end stage liver disease from Hepatitis C that he had contracted from a tattoo that he received as a young man.  The damaging affects was excelled by excessive alcohol use.  Miguel asked his doctor at the time how long he had to live and she replied weeks, months, as long as your liver could hang on.  Miguel was then referred to Dr. Ester Little, (which was a true blessing).  After meeting with her, he stopped drinking that day and hasn’t had a drink since.

At Banner Good Samaritan they ran a battery of tests.  He continued to work until he was too ill, which was in February 2009.  Miguel moved his belongings into storage and moved in with his mom, who was so strong and loving through all of his sickness, so she could take care of him.  Miguel was not married at that time. 

Over the next few months, Miguel became so sick that he nearly died a few times.  With God’s good grace, Miguel pulled through to keep fighting.  Over the next few years, he continued to see Dr. Little and she was so encouraging and truly concerned for his well-being.  Miguel’s MELD score would soon begin to be like a roller coaster ride, going up then down again.

In 2010, Miguel met his wife, and as sick as he was, she stayed by his side and said she would, no matter what. Miguel’s MELD score continued to rise and fall and in the beginning of 2012. In June he developed a double infection. On June 18, 2012, Miguel got a second chance at life when he received a liver transplant from Banner Good Samaritan Hospital.  

Since the transplant, Miguel has been doing and went back to work full time in addition to getting off disability. Miguel is living and loving life with family and friends. Thank you to Jesus, Dr. Ester Little, Dr. Brink, Dr. Cashman, Dr. Wong, the Liver Disease Center and Banner Good Samaritan Hospital for making it all happen.

Miguel Placencio

Father, Husband, Son, Tata



Banner Good Sam Transplant and Advanced Liver Disease Raised
Silver Medal Kay Atkins $679.28
Hannah Sobol $50.00
Patricia Beasley $0.00
Mark Bohdanowicz $0.00
Shadrack Brobbey $220.00
Laurie Corbett $0.00
Christine Eckels $0.00
Kari Felkner $0.00
Sarah Hackney $0.00
Roger Hexiquio $0.00
Lynn Hodges $0.00
Kelly Hortel $225.00
Bronze Medal Kathy Johnson $280.00
Bob Little $0.00
Esther Little $0.00
Don Morrison $0.00
Heather Musgrove $25.00
Diane Norris $0.00
Aiden Ramos $0.00
Alberto Ramos $0.00
Bronze Medal Christy Ramos $400.00
Jacob Ramos $0.00
Renee Regoli $0.00
Shelley Regoli $0.00
Monica Reynolds $0.00
Ruth Rigdon $100.00
Alicia Rodriguez $0.00
Madelyn Ruocco $100.00
Bailey Smith $0.00
Charles Thomas $50.00
Tonya Williams $0.00
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