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Liver Life Walk New York City 2014

Team Gratitude - New York Presbyterian Hospital

Welcome to our Team Gratitude Liver Life Walk Team Page!

Team Gratitude will be walking again this year, our 13th year, at the American Liver Foundation's Liver Life Walk in Clinton Cove in Hudson River Park, on the Hudson River, on Sunday, June 8th.  We are very proud to historically be the largest team participating and the highest fundraising team as of last year not just locally but nationally!!!  We have raised over $100,000 in the last 4 years alone. Go team!

This is also a special year as this year's Liver Champion is our own Art Clark!  Check it out on the brochures and website.

The Walk itself is a 3.1 mile/5K walk (or run if you prefer). You can always stop along the way if you can't walk the full distance or sit at Clinton Cove and enjoy the Hudson River breeze.  Anyone can participate. Bring your partner, child, friends, dogs, etc.  There are even activities for the kids.  Also, if you can't physically walk, the ALF is looking for volunteers for the day of the event.

Your participation will support research, education and advocacy efforts to help the 30 million Americans currently living with liver disease.  There is no fee to register so even if you do not like to fundraise, your presence will bring attention to the plight of those living with liver disease.  If you do fundraise, gifts will be given out based upon how much money you have raised.  More than 78 cents of every dollar raised by ALF is directed to programs and services. 


We will have team t-shirts again this year courtesy of CLDT's Give Back Campaign.   This patient designed Team Gratitude t-shirt is the same t-shirt as last year so please contact me for a t-shirt only if you did not walk last year. Otherwise, recycle and reuse last year's Team Gratitude t-shirt!

To make a donation to our team, locate a team member from the list below and click on his or her name to visit their Personal Fundraising Webpage. Once there, select the "Sponsor Me" button and follow the instructions to make a donation. 

To join our team, select the "Join Team" link at the top of the list of team members. Then follow the instructions to register for the event as part of our Liver Life Walk team!

212-305-1884 OR

See you at the Walk!

Team Gratitude - New York Presbyterian Hospital Raised
Gold Medal Aimee Muth $2,780.00
Suraj Abdurrahman $0.00
Francesca Brigandi $40.00
Bronze Medal Veronica Campanelli $425.00
Silver Medal Alan Canvan $540.00
Gold Medal Arthur Clark $2,850.00
Raquel Clark $0.00
Robert Clark $0.00
Virginia Clark $0.00
William Clark $0.00
Silver Medal Theresa Costigan $850.00
Kathleen Cronin $100.00
Michael Cronin $100.00
Jane Cullen $100.00
Maro DeLorenzo $0.00
Tom Delorenzo $0.00
Lorna Dove $150.00
Farouq Edu $0.00
Silver Medal Jared Alechman Evelyn Salguero $910.00
Gold Medal Bonnie Farbstein $1,573.00
William Farbstein $0.00
Tina Fascetti $0.00
Doris Ford $100.00
Alyson Fox $0.00
armando garcia $0.00
cindy garcia $0.00
John Giglio $20.00
Gina Glynn $125.00
Silver Medal Kevin Glynn $715.00
Dylan Goodwin $5.00
Ivy Goodwin $25.00
Jackson Goodwin $5.00
Ryan Goodwin $25.00
Stella Goudie $150.00
silvia Hafliger $150.00
Sylvia Hafliger $100.00
Silver Medal John Hickey $545.00
Jeff Isaacs $0.00
jordy iza $0.00
Gold Medal Sigmund A. Jordan $1,740.00
Grace Kim $0.00
Bronze Medal Paul & Harriet Klein $250.00
Sibela Kolenovic $100.00
dennis kubiak $0.00
Andrew Lazarus $0.00
Lisa Lisanti $110.00
Silver Medal Ingrid Lyte $651.00
Bronze Medal Vincent Mc Greevy $250.00
Silver Medal Celeste Montello $885.00
Valerie Montello $0.00
Vincent Montello $0.00
Vincent Montello $0.00
madeline moya $0.00
Laura Mullahy $100.00
Jen Mullman $0.00
Lola Mustapha $0.00
jocelyn oms $0.00
Jo-Ann Pecoraro $100.00
Michael Pecoraro $120.00
Silver Medal Alberto Pena $610.00
Bronze Medal Yvette Pena-Davis $430.00
Gold Medal Carol Powell $1,483.00
Sara Prager $50.00
tammy ramirez $0.00
Jarrett Rivera $0.00
Monica Rivera $0.00
Gold Medal Robert Rivkin $2,050.00
Anna Rumdle $40.00
Mack Savage $50.00
Deanna Tantillo $40.00
Theo Tekus $0.00
Gold Medal Patricia Thompson $1,598.00
Bryan Torres $0.00
Bronze Medal Michele Torres $275.00
Silver Medal anthony urdaneta $510.00
carmen urdaneta $0.00
Jonathan Valencia $0.00
aleena vega $0.00
alyssa vega $0.00
peter vega $0.00
Clarissa Vogel $100.00
Marc Vogel $0.00
Silver Medal Basil Vorolieff $825.00
Gold Medal Fatima Wali-Abdurrahman $1,385.00
Regina Williams $140.00
Laura Wyatt $40.00
Anna Yegiants $0.00
Denotes a Team Captain