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Liver Life Walk Pittsburgh 2014

RachelSaurus Rex

Before Rachel was born, she was diagnosed with a choledochal cyst (cysts on the bile ducts).  Additionally, after Rachel was born on July 15, 2011, and a few months of recurring trips to the hospital, we discovered she also has biliary atresia.  Biliary atresia (or BA) is a disorder in which the bile ducts either never form or otherwise do not allow flow of bile.  In September of 2011 she had surgery to directly connect the liver and intestines (which she would not be alive today without); however, this is not considered a cure.  In fact, there is no cure.  This is a life-long condition which in most cases requires a liver transplant, but even then there are life-long considerations such as anti-rejection treatment.

Unfortunately, Rachel has just been listed to receive a transplant due to repeated cases of cholangitis (bacterial infection in the liver).  These infections are growing inside of the cysts within her liver and have become resistant to most antibiotics.  It seems every month these bacteria become resistant to yet another antibiotic, and time is running out before this gets out of control.  We hope and pray that she receives a tranplant soon, and can get back to "normal" life.

Please consider joining and/or supporting team RachelSaurus Rex at the Liver Life Walk on June 1st at Kennywood Park in order to help us fight against Biliary Atresia and other liver diseases which affect more than 30 million Americans and their families every day. By making a donation on Rachel's behalf, you will be helping the American Liver Foundation provide community-based education and prevention programs, protect the rights of people with liver disease, and fund critical research.

To join the team, click the “join team” button below.  Registration is just $25 and includes admission (but not automatically a ride all day pass) to Kennywood Park.  Each walker who raises $150 or more will also receive a free t-shirt, ride ticket, and meal ticket.   We would love to see you there! 

To donate, click on one of the team members' names below to contribute to that person's goal!  Please help my team mates earn rewards and click those who have raised less than $150.  All money donated goes to the ALF in Rachel's honor, and the teamates who raise $150 (3-15ys $100) get to ride all day at Kennywood- a great reward for their support!


To learn more about Rachel and her journey check out her page at

RachelSaurus Rex Raised
Silver Medal Kristi thomas $505.00
Bronze Medal john thomas $255.00
Jennifer Cox $0.00
Autumn Lucas $0.00
Isabella Lucas $0.00
Jason Lucas $0.00
Nicole Lucas $0.00
Evan Moskal $0.00
Jason Moskal $0.00
Jessica Moskal $0.00
Michael Neeley $150.00
kelsey paul $0.00
Jim Pigford $0.00
Victoria Robertson $0.00
Sandee Santos $0.00
Elijah Thomas $150.00
John Thomas $25.00
Joy Thomas $100.00
Kathleen Thomas $0.00
Rachel Thomas $125.00
Zech Thomas $50.00
Denotes a Team Captain