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Liver Life Walk San Diego 2014

Team Vital Therapies

Welcome to the Team Vital Therapies ALF 2013 Liver Life Walk Team Page!

Thank you for your interest in supporting our Liver Life Walk team!

To make a donation to our team, locate a team member from the list below and click his or her name to visit their Personal Fundraising Webpage. Once there, select the "Sponsor Me" button and follow the instructions to make a donation.

To join our team, select the "Join Team" link at the top of the list of team members. Then follow the instructions to register for the event as part of our Liver Life Walk team!

Team Vital Therapies Raised
Iris Quimby $60.00
Alicja Mackowiak $30.00
Bill Anton $0.00
Robert Ashley $60.00
Angeles Baquerizo $0.00
John Brotherton $0.00
Rosa Brotherton $0.00
Paula Brust $0.00
Natalie Carter $0.00
Cindy Croissant $0.00
Jonathan Elizalde $0.00
Flavio Fabbrini $150.00
Jennifer Guzman $60.00
Joshua Guzman $0.00
Victor Guzman $0.00
Victor Harding $20.00
Alondra Heredia $0.00
Nancy Heredia $0.00
Bonnie Johnston $0.00
Marcia Katz $0.00
Jackie Kim $0.00
KC Kruger $0.00
Cindy Law $0.00
Robyn Leatherman $0.00
Lisa Li $0.00
Joy Lyndes $0.00
Luis Martinez $150.00
Dayrin Mendez $0.00
Constancia Murawski $0.00
Michelle Murawski $0.00
Rich Murawski $30.00
Dan Payne $0.00
Chris Plante $0.00
Melissa Plante $0.00
Jeffrey Reyes $0.00
Stewart Rodes $0.00
Bill Shafer $0.00
Samantha Shafer $0.00
Teresa Shafer $0.00
Jennifer Stampfl $0.00
Aron Stern $0.00
Toni Taylor $0.00
Jessica Van Allen $0.00
Marissa Wiley $0.00
Penny Wollum $150.00
Denotes a Team Captain