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Liver Life Walk Long Island 2014

Friends of Philip

Welcome to our Liver Life Walk Team Page!

Thank you for your interest in supporting our Liver Life Walk team!

Philip was diagnosed with Biliary Atresia when he was 6 weeks old.

 In biliary atresia, the bile ducts become inflamed and blocked soon after birth. This causes bile to remain in the liver, where it starts to destroy liver cells rapidly and cause cirrhosis, or scarring of the liver.

Philip had surgery at 8 weeks old called a Kasai procedure. 

In some cases, where the Kasai procedure is completely successful, the child may recover and live a normal life. However, in most cases, even when surgery is successful, patients will suffer gradual damage to the liver. These children will need specialized medical care throughout their lives, and many will ultimately need a liver transplant.

Philip is now 9 months old and his surgery seems to be holding out so far.  He stil has his native liver and is doing well. He has had a few hospital stays due to a bout with cholangitis which is an infection in the bile ducts and because every time he has a fever we need to take him to the emergency room to rule out cholangitis. He is also showing signs or portal hypertension.

Despite all he has been through He is a truly happy baby and is always smiling.

Not much is known about the cause of this disease. Please consisder joining our team or donating to help learn more about the causes and to help find cures for so many liver diseases.

By making a donation you'll take us one step closer to our goal and take all of us another stride closer to a world free of liver disease!

To make a donation to our team, locate a team member from the list below and click her or her name to visit their Personal Fundraising Webpage. Once there, select the "Donate" button and follow the instructions to make a donation.

To join our team, select the "Join Team" link at the top of the list of team members. Then follow the instructions to register for the event as part of our Liver Life Walk team!

Friends of Philip
Gold Medal Kimberly Kennelly
Dolores Annunziata
Cortney Boucher
Dan Boucher
Emma Brown
Joann Brown
Silver Medal Michael Brown
James Cassano
Nerina Cassano
Ryan Cassano
Anabel Castellanos
Ava Ciani
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Gerard Devine
Karen Devine
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Elissa DiSalvo
Silver Medal Michael DiSalvo
Amanda Doty
Denise Doty
Jonathan Doty
Chris Drury
David Eckartz
Gold Medal Shaw Elashmawy
Rod Ford
Danielle Fox
Christopher Gannotta
Angelina Rose Garczynski
Brian Garczynski
Laura Garczynski
Rosabella Sofia Garczynski
Carolyn Grobe
Daniel Gunther
Bronze Medal Kevin Heins
Phil Hollenstein
Stu Ingram
Maria Kaden
Daniel Kennelly
jim kennelly
Bronze Medal Joanne Kennelly
Bronze Medal Thomas Kennelly
Thomas Kennelly
Sandra Kern
Robert Leone
Stephen Maly
Joseph Marotta
Heather Mcbride
Conor McCaffrey
Bronze Medal Meghan McCann
Christopher Miller
Brian Moritz
Laura Moritz
Rita Morrow
Dennis Munday
Bronze Medal Shawn Murphy
Connie-Jo O'Neill
Sean O'Rourke
Alison Pearl
Danny Pearl
Jayden Pearl
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Magdalena Pytka
Yadiel Rdriguez
Chris Rodriguez
Chet Sakaski
Cirami Salvatore
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Donna and Robert Schneider
Sarah Schneider
Dan Schweigel
Courtney Schweiger
Patrick Secchio
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Lauren Seich
Wilbur Suarez
Mike Sweeney
Diane Tarantini
Michael Triolo
Gabriella Valente
Nicole Valente
Bruce Valero
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