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Liver Life Walk Chicago 2014


Welcome to the Team BLAIRE Page!

As a beautiful, thoughtful young woman, Elizabeth Blaire Dowdy is truly one of those people to leave an indelible mark wherever she goes.  At the tender age of 14, Blaire was diagnosed with Auto-Immune Hepatitis disease which was controlled through medication allowing her to live an active and fulfilling life.  Blaire continued to thrive and excelled in college beginning a career in marketing and sales, always bringing a sparkle to each moment. 

This past year, Blaire’s condition began to deteriorate and at 27 years old was informed she would need to have a liver transplant.  With so many family and friends at her side, she was blessed with several living donors to come to her aid.  Her first liver transplant was on November 6 from a dear family friend who unselfishly donated his liver to help transform her life.  Unfortunately, Blaire’s disease continued to affect her liver and she was faced again with the need of a donor.  With the living donor age requirement lifted to 60, Blaire’s mother was a match and became the second living liver donor on March 4.   Throughout this process, Blaire vowed to educate the world about the importance of liver transplants and established TEAM BLAIRE at the American Liver Foundation’s Liver Life Walk in Chicago on June 14.  She realized the lack of awareness of liver disease could be eliminated if people knew of the need for continued research. 

Following many weeks of hospital stays and procedures, Blaire’s system simply could not beat the infections which continually kept her from gaining her strength. This world lost our Blaire on April 17 and we will never be the same.   Our family and friends are committed to TEAM BLAIRE and will walk on June 14 to support a cause she so dearly loved.  We ask you all to join us in Blaire’s memory!

Team BLAIRE - Join Team Raised
Bronze Medal Margaret Davidson $360.00
Lauren Adcock $25.00
Maria Buljubasic $165.00
Lisa Campbell $100.00
Silver Medal Marcy Carman $530.00
Sheri Carman $100.00
Gold Medal Courtney Casey $1,395.00
luz collins $150.00
Rachael Dahl $180.00
Emily Davidson $110.00
Matt Davidson $50.00
Scott Davidson $50.00
Gold Medal Blaire Dowdy $6,162.00
Bronze Medal Bridget Dowdy $310.00
Silver Medal Diana Dowdy $700.00
Gold Medal Ed Dowdy $1,260.00
Bronze Medal Norman Dowdy $310.00
chrissy essary $0.00
Bronze Medal Christine Essary $255.00
olivia essary $0.00
Scott Falkner $0.00
Tim Footue $25.00
Marissa Gaines $25.00
Stacey Goers $200.00
Bridgette Grace $0.00
Georgia Grace $0.00
Glen Grace $0.00
Grant Grace $0.00
Elizabeth Grujic $0.00
Emily Hanlon $0.00
Nick Hanlon $0.00
Ashley Homa $30.00
Timothy Horvath $0.00
Alexa Hoth $0.00
Birdie Hunt $125.00
Thomas Hunt $0.00
Nick Kimble $0.00
Dawn Korson $0.00
Maggie Korzen $0.00
Marcela Korzen $0.00
Jennifer Kuczynski $150.00
Susan Lahre $225.00
Matt Liddy $0.00
Nikki Liddy $100.00
Kristen Lutterbach $110.00
Pamela Lyman $0.00
Carmella Mahaz $150.00
Natalie Martin $235.00
Carmel Medard $185.00
Gold Medal Michele Mele $5,825.00
Ryan Michaels $0.00
Chris Morrison $40.00
Diane Morrison $0.00
Sarah Morrison $0.00
Nick Muscari $50.00
Julie Nguyen $0.00
Mariela Nunez $25.00
Deborah Pivar $0.00
Kristin Pivar $150.00
Silver Medal Frank Porter $860.00
Michael Rohr $30.00
Adina Rubin $35.00
Elizabeth Ryba $0.00
Danielle Scaletta $0.00
Franko Shenault $0.00
Melissa Soltani $100.00
Dave Stallard $50.00
Gabriella Tayfel $25.00
Duane Thomas $0.00
Marcia Thomas Thomas $215.00
Silver Medal Steven Thomas $555.00
Elizabeth Tulicki $190.00
Bronze Medal Jennifer Tulicki $260.00
Stephanie Wedlake $0.00
Rosa Welch $0.00
Cami White $0.00
Jeff White $0.00
Maria White $100.00
Tatum White $0.00
David Wolak $0.00
Denotes a Team Captain