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Liver Life Walk Pittsburgh 2014

Zane's Friends

Walk for Fun?Walk for Life!


I want to start by saying thank you to each and every one of you who participated in the Liver Life Walk last year-Together we raised approximately $1500 for the ALF!!! This money allows the ALF to facilitate, advocate and promote education, support and research for the prevention, treatment and cure of liver disease.


Now to update everyone on Zane-


Coincidentally, about two weeks after the Liver Life Walk in 2009, we received a phone call from one of the transplant doctors at UPMC. We were all in shock because it happened so quickly, but it was true, they had located a liver for Zane.


Zane received the liver without too many complications. He spent approximately one month in the ICU. He suprised us with his quick recovery and pleasent mood. It seemed like, within no time, he was back to being a normal little boy. 


Today, we have an extraordinary and healthy 5 year-old little boy. He loves to play, laugh, and tell you about his day. He amazes us daily. He is inquisitive, fun-loving, and a very sweet little boy. He started school and is doing very well, especially based on all his challenges! Recently, Zane and his family were given the great opportunity of experiencing DisneyWorld by the Make-A-Wish Foundation! 


 In saying that, I hope we can welcome each and everyone one of you to Zane's team in the Liver Walk 2014. It will take place on June 1,2014 at the Kennywood Park. Remember all donations directly benefit the liver foundation. Thank you everyone!


By making a donation you will take me one step closer to my goal and take all of us another stride closer to a world free of liver disease!

Your generous gift will help the American Liver Foundation provide research, education, and advocacy to assist the 30 million people affected by liver disease in the United States.


Donating is easy! Just click the blue button to get started.


Zane's Friends Raised
Bronze Medal Melissa Patton $395.00
David Armstrong $0.00
Jacob Armstrong $0.00
Kelly Armstrong $25.00
Jessica Belsley $0.00
Laurin Bucki $25.00
Ed Cerilli $0.00
Samantha Clancy $0.00
Ed Cunningham $0.00
Rachael Davison $0.00
Brad Dorsey $0.00
Carol Ferron $20.00
Aaron Gilligan $0.00
Adele Haynes $80.00
Matt Hertzog $40.00
Mike Hucko $125.00
Justin Joyce $0.00
Amber Kacinko $0.00
Katie Kacinko $0.00
Robert Kacinko $0.00
Roberta Kacinko $0.00
Jessica Law $15.00
Amber Lesko $0.00
Jacqueline Light er $0.00
Caitlyn Lizik $25.00
Maxwell Majernik $0.00
Nick Majernik $25.00
maria molter $0.00
Christine Patton $30.00
Gary Patton $50.00
Susan Patton $0.00
Sebastian Peirce $0.00
Ryan Scanlon $0.00
Carol Slater $25.00
Mallory Swogger $0.00
Jillian Ulmer $0.00
Erica Zezza-Gilligan $50.00
Denotes a Team Captain