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Liver Life Walk Philadelphia 2014

BAD for Life

Welcome to our Liver Life Walk Team Page!

Thank you for your interest in supporting our Liver Life Walk team!


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Brent was diagnosed at age of 14 with Crohn's Disease and Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis (PSC). Both are devastating diseases that would normally be catastrophic in any young boy's life, but Brent made it seem like it was nothing, just another day in the life. At this time Brent was placed on the liver transplant list and was told that he needed to be transplanted as soon as a liver was available. This of course didn't stop him. Brent continued to play sports and do everything he had always loved to do, he lived on the edge, as he always did. Nothing stopped him. Brent remained on the liver transplant for years, never finding a match. But because of Brent's strength and desire to be treated like a “normal teenager” (as if one of those exists), Brent made everyone forget that he was even sick. His lab values remained stable, keeping him from getting a liver transplant and he had very few trips to the hospital. Brent kept this up for years. In the meantime he met the love of his life, Mandy, and the two of them developed a relationship like no other.  Life seemed to be going smoothly until July 2010 when Brent was diagnosed with cholangiocarcinoma-cancer of the bile ducts. This type of cancer was caused by his PSC and will affect ALL those with PSC if they are not transplanted. Brent had a rough road from that July until the following November, no details necessary, but Brent was a champ through it all. He participated in a clinical trial at UPenn for a trial chemotherapy drug. He didn't know if it would work or not but all he said is that if it helped just one person, it was worth it. Through it all we never heard a single complaint from Brent, he just kept saying "everything happens for a reason". And although we don't know the reason Brent was taken from us way too early, we do know that Brent wanted us to do everything possible to help other people. He wanted us to find a cure for his disease. To do this we want to start at the beginning, we want to encourage liver health and disease prevention. We want people to be educated and more aware of liver diseases and the importance of organ donation.

BAD for Life Raised
Gold Medal Amanda Butler $1,077.00
Bronze Medal Jennifer Aughey $335.00
Bronze Medal Andrea Devlin $395.00
Silver Medal Eileen Devlin $630.00
Bronze Medal Sarah Devlin $397.00
Bronze Medal Sheri Devlin $270.00
Danielle Heying $0.00
Nicole Hoffman $0.00
Bronze Medal Bobby Jones $352.00
Bronze Medal Nikki Maksymovich $260.00
Krista Resetar $0.00
Yilmaz Singh $85.00
Bronze Medal Laura Stapperfenne $310.00
Mindy Stapperfenne $130.00
Julie Stark $25.00
Denotes a Team Captain