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Liver Life Walk Twin Cities 2014

Fairview Specialty Pharmacy

Welcome to our Liver Life Walk Team Page!

Thank you for your interest in supporting our Liver Life Walk team!

To make a donation to our team, locate a team member from the list below and click his or her name to visit their Personal Fundraising Webpage. Once there, select the "Donate" button and follow the instructions to make a donation.

To join our team, select the "Join Team" link at the top of the list of team members. Then follow the instructions to register for the event as part of our Liver Life Walk team!

Remember family, friends, and pets are all welcome at Lake Rebecca.

Fairview Specialty Pharmacy - Join Team
Baron Tisthammer
Tim Affeldt
Ashley Batters
Susan Baumgart
Derek Bergquist
Eric Bergquist
Jill Bergquist
Jessica Bruce
Ben Buettner
Leah Buettner
Maren Buettner
ian craig
Marie daniel
Tara Davis
Makayla Dehmlow
Kayla Diaz
Aubree Dorr
James Dorr
Liban Dubed
Madeline Dunbar
Kim Ehlert
Paul Fischer
Benjamin Fletcher
Mary Kay Fowler-Wacholz
Theresa Gamble
Melissa Garcia
Tino Gislason
Tami Hamilton
Jessica Hanson
Summer Harris
Alyssa Hartmann
Brian Her
Angela Hite
Nate Hite
Chris Holsworth
Kristin Holsworth
Paul Ignatowicz
Denise Jaeger
Mary Jewison
Marti Johnson
Daniel Jude
Shelly Kroening
Nicole Lande
Kaylee Langer
Angela Lawman
Brittney Leba
Brenda Lee
Karen Lee
Julie Lentz
Brady Leopold
Carrie Leopold
Mike Leopold
Nathan Leopold
Ryan Leopold
Lana Lindow
Stephanie Linssen
Victoria Linssen-ONeil
Lav Hais Lo
David Lotz
Missy Luck
Mark Lutcavish
Cindy Lynch
Laura Majernik
Kassi Meuleveld
laura moran
Amy Morrison
Avery Nelson
Elliot Nelson
Isla Nelson
Melissa Nelson
Tracy Nelson
Anh Nguyen
Chad Nilsson
Lisa Nilsson
Molly Nilsson
Kris Nystrom
Sharyl Olsen
neesee pearson
Jonathon Pechuman
Ashley Peetsch
Oksana Pererva
stephanie perrella
Brian Persaud
Eric Peterschick
Anil Ramtahal
Derick Ramtahal
Mike Resvic
Benjamin Riggs
Dominique Robineau
Sean Sanders
Sevan Sanders
Kayla Shutrop
Autumn Sorenson
Corbin Sorenson
Eli Sorenson
Jenny Sorenson
Rick Sorenson
chris storlie
Jordan Storlie
Nevaeh Storlie
Anita Stowe
Bridgett Swenson
Amakele Tilleskjor
Brad Wacholz
Mary Wacholz
Jenny Walker
Mike Walker
Ashley Walter
Terica Walters
Angela Weckwert
Kevin Weckwerth
Robert Williams
Taryn Wojciechowski
Peter Zenk
Denotes a Team Captain