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Liver Life Walk St. Louis 2014

Team Annistyn

Welcome to our Liver Life Walk Team Page!

I want to send a special THANK YOU to everyone who has donated to our team so far. We are so very excited to participate in this event this year and help raise money for the American Liver Foundation.

The picture to the right is from Annistyn's most recent hospital stay. She was experiencing very high fevers so on Monday, August 25th, 2014 we were sent to the hospital. They started IV antibiotics to immediately begin treating any infection that could have been brewing in her liver. Due to her liver disease, we have to treat any illnesses as though it is her liver until we know otherwise. Luckily, they determined the infection was not in her liver and we were discharged on Thursday, August 28th.

There is still way too much unknown with these diseases! This is why this fundraiser is so important to me. This is WHY WE WALK.





Thank you for your interest in supporting our Liver Life Walk team!

To make a donation to our team, locate a team member from the list below and click his or her name to visit their Personal Fundraising Webpage. Once there, select the "Donate" button and follow the instructions to make a donation.

To join our team, select the "Join Team" link at the top of the list of team members. Then follow the instructions to register for the event as part of our Liver Life Walk team!

Annistyn Kate, was diagnosed with Biliary Atresia on December 2nd, 2012. At only 2 months old, she had a major surgery called a Kasai procedure. There is no cure for her disease. This surgery is a temporary fix for her liver disease. Eventually, she will have to have a liver transplant.

Originally, the doctors did not think she would make it to the age of one without a life saving liver transplant. Our sweet girl is almost two and so full of life! She has been hospitalized several times due to her liver disease, but luckily we have not had to discuss transplant listing yet.

As a participant in the Liver Life Walk, I'm helping to move forward the fight against liver disease and I need your help!

Every step we take and every dollar we raise will make a difference in the lives of the 30 million Americans living with liver disease. By making a donation on Team Annistyn's behalf, you will be helping the American Liver Foundation provide community-based education and prevention programs, protect the rights of people with liver disease, and fund critical research.

By making a donation you'll take Team Annistyn one step closer to our goal and take all of us another stride closer to a world free of liver disease!


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"Prayers for Annistyn Kate Rackley" is her group.
All of our fundraising efforts will be posted on there!

Team Annistyn Raised
Meghan Rackley $170.00
Landon Alexander $0.00
autumn allison $85.00
tiffany allison $40.00
Taylor Beck $0.00
Hannah Burkeen $92.50
Tim Burkeen $25.00
Lindsey Gaskins $150.00
Bailey Gibbins $192.50
Summer Gibbins $225.00
Colt Hunt $30.00
Karen Hunt $100.00
Jazmyne King $0.00
Robert Lott $50.00
Crystal Luna $25.00
Amanda Manley $20.00
Ashlinn Moore $110.00
Connor Moore $100.00
Pam Moore $180.00
Tony Moore $125.00
Wanda Proctor $0.00
Bronze Medal Annistyn Rackley $350.00
Trey Rackley $160.00
Dean Carter Riddick $0.00
Dylan Riddick $25.00
Keith Riggs $0.00
Susan Riggs $0.00
Curry Sellers $25.00
Mark Simmons $0.00
Denotes a Team Captain