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Liver Life Walk St. Louis 2014

Billy Messina's team


September 3rd- I cant believe all the money that we have raised in such a short period of time. I am so thankful for all my friends and family that are helping in the fight against liver dieseases. While my dad did have a hospital stay for a Hepatic Encephalopathy just a few weeks ago, he pulled through and was able to avoid the coma. Today, September 3rd, is a good day for him. Thank you again, and I am looking forward to September 27th.


August 6th-I had some amazing friends share my walk information on facebook today. Brought me to tears!!! This walk is the most important thing to me. To raise awarness about how serious liver disease is, and how it can affect everything in your body, including your kidneys. With this walk, and donations made, we are helping fund and fight liver disease. As for my dad, he had a a graft put in to his arm on Thursday. It has been a little bit painful for him, but will be better in the long run for the dialysis.


July 17th-dad's having a great day! He has not had to be TAPPED in almost 2 months. Even though TIPS shut down his kidneys, he has not had to be drained which is huge!!!! Today was a great day for him God Bless!!!



Hello. Thank you for visiting my page. My dad, Billy Messina, was diagnosed with stage 4 non alcoholic fatty liver cirrhosis in January of 2014. Prior to this, he also suffered from renal failure kidney disease. In May of 2014 my dad had the TIPS procedure done on his liver. Due to this procedure, there were complications that caused him to go into End Stage Kidney Failure. Suffering from Stage 4 Cirrhosis and End Stage Kidney Failure is a very challenging process for him, and the family. I want to help raise awareness and the cause for both diseases as I know many people and families suffer from this horrific combination. I was very excited to hear about the walk in September of 2014!!! Thank you for following our journey and I hope through this I can help others that are going through the same thing that we are.






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Billy Messina's team Raised
Gold Medal Jamie Messina $2,635.00
Elaine Beasley $0.00
Ethel Bono $0.00
Shelia Brown $0.00
Julie Davis $0.00
Justin Dillon $0.00
Chrissy Jennings $0.00
Katie Koob $0.00
Ashley LaRue $0.00
Kristen Mack $0.00
Gloria Messina $0.00
Kelsey Messina $0.00
Kristina Mozee $0.00
Natalie Mozee $0.00
Sarah Mozee $0.00
Vanessa Mozel $0.00
Anna Owens $0.00
Amy Valentine $0.00
Chris Valentine $0.00
Michelle Walden $100.00
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