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Liver Life Walk Indianapolis 2015  |  August 15, 2015

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One Step. One Walk. One Future...

…to a future without liver disease. This is the goal the volunteers and staff of the American Liver Foundation® work toward every day. You made a difference as a participant in the Liver Life Walk®. Your participation will keep us moving forward in the fight against one of America's fastest-growing public health concerns—liver disease.

THANK YOU to our participants, team captains, volunteers and numerous sponsors for making Liver Life Walk Indianapolis 2015 such a great success! Your hard work and participation made it memorable, and thanks to you, we exceeded our fundraising goal. We hope that you all enjoyed the gorgeous day at White River State Park! 

THANK YOU for your incredible fundraising efforts, and we hope you will use these next few weeks to continue to push your fundraising to new heights or accomplish new goals. The fundraising deadline is September 18th, so keep sending emails to friends and family. Tell them what you did, how it felt, and how proud you are of yourself and those who supported you.

Fundraising is rewarding! We can't thank our walkers enough for their fundraising efforts, but we can try! Liver Life Walk is providing a walker fundraising incentives program. Walkers have up to the fundraising deadline to qualify for prizes. After the fundraising deadline, fundraisers who earned a prize will have the opportunity to redeem it or donate it back to the American Liver Foundation. Click here to view the prizes and fundraising levels.

THANK YOU for your feedback, which helps us improve the event year after year. Share your thoughts about Liver Life Walk in our post-event survey that was emailed to you.

In the coming weeks, photos from the event will be posted on our Facebook page. Please feel free to share your photos with us, or tag yourself in our photos.

On behalf of the American Liver Foundation, THANK YOU again. We couldn't have done it without you, and we look forward to seeing you next year!

Fundraising Goal = $17,450

Campaign Progress
of Goal
$27,334.11 Raised

Support a Walker

Top Participants
  1 -  Gold Medal Personal Gift Willow Allen ($1,907.00)
  2 -  Gold Medal Personal Gift Jess Harper ($1,513.00)
  3 -  Silver Medal Personal Gift Dan Panozzo ($875.11)
  4 -  Silver Medal Personal Gift Debbie King ($750.00)
  5 -  Silver Medal Personal Gift Chris Milne ($680.00)
  6 -  Silver Medal Lauren Malone ($500.00)
  7 -  Bronze Medal Personal Gift Liddy Dowd-Wright ($320.00)
  8 -  Bronze Medal Margaret Davidson ($315.00)
  9 -  Bronze Medal Shelby Pendleton ($305.00)
  10 -  Bronze Medal Personal Gift Diana Dowdy ($300.00)

Top Teams
  1 -  Walking with Willow ($3,652.00)
  2 -  The Disney Daves ($2,365.11)
  3 -  Captain Organ and the Pirate Booty Crew(PBC) ($1,633.00)
  4 -  Liver Lovers ($690.00)
  5 -  Team Blaire Indianapolis ($680.00)
  6 -  Peace, Love & Livers ($500.00)
  7 -  Liver Alone ($425.00)
  8 -  Curtis King's legacy ($280.00)
  9 -  Mary STRONG ($120.00)
  10 -  Pop-O's Posse ($120.00)
Event Contact Information:
Event Manager: Lauren Malone
Event Manager Phone: (216) 609-3288
Event Manager Email:
Event Location:
White River State Park
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Event Contact Information:
Event Manager: Lauren Malone
Event Manager Phone: (216) 609-3288
Event Manager Email: Event Location:
White River State Park