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Liver Life Walk Greater Boston 2015  |  June 7, 2015

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THANK YOU to our participants, team captains, volunteers and numerous sponsors for making Liver Life Walk Rhode Island 2015 such a great success! Your hard work and participation made it memorable!


THANK YOU for your incredible fundraising efforts and we hope you will use these next few weeks to continue to push your fundraising to new heights or accomplish new goals. The fundraising deadline is July 5th, so keep sending emails to friends and family. Tell them what you did, how it felt and how proud you are of yourself and those who supported you.


Online fundraising is still available OR you can mail donations to:
American Liver Foundation
Attn: Liver Life Walk
188 Needham Street Suite 240

Newton MA 02464



Fundraising is rewarding! We can't thank our walkers enough for their fundraising efforts, but we can try! Liver Life Walk is providing a walker fundraising incentives program. Walkers have up to the fundraising deadline to qualify for prizes. After the fundraising deadline fundraisers who earned a prize will have the opportunity to redeem it or donate it back to the American Liver Foundation. Click here to view the prizes and fundraising levels.  


THANK YOU for your feedback which helps us improve the event year after year. Share your thoughts about Liver Life Walk in our post-event survey


In the coming weeks, photos from the event will be posted on our Facebook  page. Please feel free to share your photos with us on Facebook !

On behalf of the American Liver Foundation, THANK YOU again. We couldn't have done it without you and we look forward to seeing you next year!

In 1992, five years after achieving sobriety, Bob was diagnosed with hepatitis C. As is so often the case, he Bobby Rice.jpgwas probably infected with the virus a decade or two earlier without ever experiencing symptoms.  Bob admits that his lifestyle is likely to have contributed to his liver disease. Whatever the cause, Bob’s liver disease continued to worsen over the following years.  Bob attempted interferon treatment for his hepatitis C, but it was ineffective and made him feel depressed.  As the disease progressed he developed cirrhosis and hepatic encephalopathy, a complication of cirrhosis that causes dementia-like symptoms.  In 2006, Bob was placed on the liver transplant list at Lahey Hospital and Medical Center in Burlington, Massachusetts.  It wasn’t until 4 years later, on March 5, 2010, that Bob received his new liver.  Since first diagnosed in 1992, Bob’s life has certainly changed: he re-married, became a drug and alcohol counselor, and works at a halfway house. He is an active member of the Patient Advisory Committee for both the local and national divisions of the American Liver Foundation.


Campaign Progress
of Goal
$86,453.29 Raised

Support a Walker

Top Participants
  1 -  Gold Medal Personal Gift Allison O'Malley ($5,045.00)
  2 -  Gold Medal Personal Gift Denise Chainey ($4,080.00)
  3 -  Gold Medal Elaine O'Malley ($2,620.00)
  4 -  Gold Medal Kerry McCormack ($2,500.00)
  5 -  Gold Medal Personal Gift Michelle Dumas ($2,205.00)
  6 -  Gold Medal Heather Cline ($1,967.00)
  7 -  Gold Medal Personal Gift Rhonda McMann ($1,840.00)
  8 -  Gold Medal Isabel Zacharias ($1,590.00)
  9 -  Gold Medal Personal Gift Doreen Carbone ($1,430.00)
  10 -  Gold Medal Personal Gift Laurel Welch ($1,420.00)

Top Teams
  1 -  Magic for Mike ($11,755.00)
  2 -  Tom's Team ($7,380.00)
  3 -  Team ALF PAC ($6,017.00)
  4 -  Team McMann ($3,945.00)
  5 -  CHARLIE'S ANGELS ($3,905.00)
  6 -  Team UMASS ($3,451.00)
  7 -  MGH Liver Team ($3,127.00)
  8 -  BIDMC Liver Team ($3,050.09)
  9 -  Grumps' Group ($3,035.00)
  10 -  Team Anika ($2,540.00)
Event Contact Information:
Event Manager: Kathy Hauck
Event Manager Phone: (617) 527-5600
Event Manager Email:
Event Location:
Patriots Place Foxboro, Massachusetts
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Event Contact Information:
Event Manager: Kathy Hauck
Event Manager Phone: (617) 527-5600
Event Manager Email: Event Location:
Patriots Place Foxboro, Massachusetts