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…to a future free of liver disease. That is the goal the volunteers and staff of the American Liver Foundation® work toward every day. You can join them and make a difference as a participant in the Liver Life Walk®. Your participation will keep us moving forward in the fight against one of America's fastest growing public health concerns -- liver disease.

All Team Captains that Register will receive a Team Captain hat to wear prior and day of the Walk! Please wear this hat proud and promote the Walk around your local community. Contact the Walk Office today to find out more information on how to be a GREAT and EFFECTIVE 2013 Liver Life Team Captain!

Would you like brocures to distribute? Click here to let us know!

Event Location:
Cricket Field in Forest Park - St. Louis, MO

*Mail or In-Person: Please send offline, non-cash donations to our office at:

American Liver Foundation
16 Hampton Village Plaza, Suite 215
St. Louis, MO 63109

Booth Sponsor:

Event Contact Information:
Event Manager: Liver Life Walk Office
Event Manager Phone: (855) LIVER-WALK
Event Manager Email:

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Top Participants
  1 -  Gold Medal Deborah Walls ($1,200.00)
  2 -  Silver Medal Personal Gift Bonnie Brueggemann ($650.00)
  3 -  Bronze Medal Personal Gift Kim Boston ($475.00)
  4 -  Bronze Medal Personal Gift Sarah Romo ($435.00)
  5 -  Bronze Medal Personal Gift Kagen Hill ($310.00)
  6 -  Bronze Medal Kris Frischman ($300.00)
  7 -  Bronze Medal Personal Gift Julie Boston ($295.00)
  8 -  Bronze Medal Personal Gift Alyx Russell ($295.00)
  9 -  Bronze Medal Personal Gift Cynthia Paul ($270.00)
  10 -  Bronze Medal Personal Gift Charlie During ($265.00)

Top Teams
  1 -  Addy Boston ($2,080.00)
  2 -  Team Karsyn ($1,099.00)
  3 -  Kris' Krew ($745.00)
  4 -  Happy Livers ($700.00)
  5 -  Team Screw You, Cirrhosis ($670.00)
  6 -  Peggy's Love ($445.00)
  7 -  Team Ariya ($270.00)
  8 -  Praying for Kaylin ($200.00)
  9 -  Riley's Roundup ($200.00)
  10 -  Gallagher Girls ($105.00)
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