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It's More Than a Climb...

…it’s a journey of moments that will challenge, inspire and change you! The American Liver Foundation’s Liver Life Challenge® offers a ticket to stand on the summit of the second largest volcano in the U.S., Mt. Shasta. Our endurance training and fundraising program will lead you to the top with guidance, training and tools for success.

From the moment you meet your climb team through the end of your Mt. Shasta journey, the Liver Life Challenge provides an unforgettable experience. You’ll achieve your fitness goals and help those with liver disease – so they can create moments of their own.

The benefits of our program include:

  • Expert Mountain Guides. Our guides have climbed, skied, explored the mountain and are the local professional choice! They believe in providing the highest quality adventure while helping you achieve your goals.
  • Team Trainings. Sweat it out with fellow climbers and encourage each other to reach the summit. We make climbing a team sport!
  • Climb Weekend. Road Trip, Snow School, Summit Attempt...oh my! So much to do and we're with you every step of the way. Hotel accommodations, meals, and some equipment will all be provided by the ALF.
  • Make a Difference. Feel the exhilaration of reaching to the top knowing you've helped the American Liver Foundation in the fight against liver disease. Fundraising is easy and there are hundreds of ways to raise money through your own online participant page!

We are still open for registration. Please contact Keng Lam ( before you register online. Information on training and last year's photos are posted online at

Event Manager Info

Keng Lam

(415) 248-1060

Support an Athlete

Top Participants
  1 -  Personal Gift Dave Hinman ($2,650.00)
  2 -  Personal Gift Melody Haworth ($2,636.00)
  3 -  Personal Gift Dida Kutz ($1,875.00)
  4 -  Personal Gift Dmitriy Afanasyev ($1,770.00)
  5 -  Personal Gift Leslie Phillips ($1,665.00)
  6 -  Personal Gift Rosario Noble ($1,375.00)
  7 -  Personal Gift Jessica Garcia ($1,345.00)
  8 -  Personal Gift Vanessa Hockemeyer ($1,105.00)
  9 -  Personal Gift Stacie Miller ($1,100.00)
  10 -  Personal Gift Heather Somerville ($965.00)
  11 -  Personal Gift Kim Clark ($695.00)
  12 -  Personal Gift Jeff Griffith-Jones ($600.00)
  13 -  Personal Gift Mikael Sevenier ($450.00)
  14 -  Personal Gift Zack Ellis ($425.00)
  15 -  Personal Gift Bala Kasiviswanathan ($350.00)
  16 -  Personal Gift Justin Harper ($325.00)
  17 -  Personal Gift Katelyn Noderer ($320.00)
  18 -  Personal Gift Thanh Nguyen ($275.00)
  19 -  Personal Gift Ariel Ajagu ($200.00)
  20 -  Personal Gift Eden Thompson ($150.00)
  21 -  Personal Gift Eldar Noe ($150.00)
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